Oryon Watermill


Deepwater-Energy BV developed the Oryon Watermill, a simple but extremely powerfull hydropower station, which generates durable energy with low rpm in low decline rivers having a current as of 1 m/sec. The watermill, tested at the Deltares institute in Delft -the Netherlands, is a system which operates on the momentum of running water. It consists of a submerged unit with one up to three watermills per waterway in combination with a generator which is housed in a waterproof compartment. The unit can be applied several times in the same waterway without any difficulties. The watermill will be positioned on a stand, minimal one meter from the river bottom to ensure a sufficient current all around. The water current remains intact, but part of it is used for operating the installation. The construction is easily to be placed and only needs a foundation in the bottom of the river. In other words no dam or other construction elements are needed. The waterway provides an optimal current along the watermills, which rotate horizontally by the dynamic water pressure. The inlet has a larger capacity compare to the passage to the mill unit, which creates the ‘Venturi-effect’, an acceleration created by current passing through a narrowing area. The incoming water will be converted into hydropower energy, of which the generated power depends on the speed of the water current, the wideness of the inlet and the surface of the mill-wicks. The operation of the three horizontal turning wicks of the Oryon Watermill is based upon lamellae, who, depending on their position in the waterway are open or closed. De central mill axle is a vertically placed shaft, which functions as attachement point to put the mill into the housing and to power the generator. The flowing water will be conducted via the housing to the watermills in order to be converted to optimal hydropower. The operation of the Oryon Watermill is based upon the momentum of running water. This will make the Oryon Watermill an unique concept. The Oryon Watermill is the first in history to be able to generate so many KW with a free current hydropower plant.


The power output of the Oryon Watermill depends on a number of factors. Most important are the speed of the free water current, the available space to place the unit and the size/surface of the mill-wicks.  Rivers usually have consistent predictable water currents during the year. Tidal currents are also predictable but have a different consistency factor. They change in strength under the influence of the ebb and flow cycle. The Oryon Watermill can be delivered in a small, medium and large version. They will be adjusted to the circumstances of the installed location.


In 2011 and again in 2012 the prototypes of the Oryon Watermill were tested at the Deltares institute in Delft, the Netherlands. The generated torque output as well as the efficiency were tested in different water current speeds. In September 2012 a Vicoma research report was published showing that simulated currents were providing the expected power output from the installation. In 2013 a test-session is planned to have a small type Oryon Watermill placed in the Rhine river near Tolkamer- the Netherlands. At this location the yearly average current speed is approximately 1 m/sec. Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment) in the meantime is convinced of the importance of this pilot. They permitted the pilot and have promised their cooperation. 


The Oryon Watermill can be placed in salt or fresh and warm or cold water and will be highly suitable for delta areas as in the Netherlands and mondial comparable water currents. The watermill can also be positioned in sea currents, tidal currents and forced currents as in pumps, locks and blow downs. They are also suitable for Smart Grid applications like refrigeration systems. Because of its compact design, the unit can be placed under water and positioned in shipping routes. This hydropower construction is built in such a way that the influence of passing vessels is minimized. A floating Oryon Watermill is also available. It will be suitable for emergency relief situations. The system is intended for with a speed as of 1 m/sec.  



Buyers of the Oryon Watermill could be national and local governments, power companies, industries, multinationals, housing corporations, army, emergency relief organizations and development organizations.


The Oryon Watermill is available is a small, medium and large version and can be customized according to local circumstances. For example, fresh water would need a different choice of material as it would for salt water. Another example: in emergency relief situations where there is a need for emergency power, a temporary floating watermill is available. In case of tidal currents two Venturi-inlets can be placed. Each application has its own specific requirements and will be adjusted in consultation with the client.



The Oryon Watermill generates 100% clean, sustainable and renewable energy, whereby the ecological balance will not be disturbed. It is an environmental/technical impeccable design which uses the natural free current of water. The speed of the outflow from the watermill is barely higher compared to the flow of the surrounding waters. For the functioning of the compact design there is no need to intervene with nature. Through placement under water there is no problems with landscape pollution. The mill is animal friendly. A trash rack keeps trash and larger fish away, but gives smaller fish and other small water creatures the chance to stay in the watermill. This is possible because the installation does not close off the waterways, while no moving parts are outside of the housing. The mill-wicks are of horizontal and flat surface design. Because the watermill is placed on a structure of minimal one meter of  the bottom, it is passable on four sides. The mill is developed for low decline situations whereby it operates on low rpm.



The manufacturing process and choice of materials satisfy the high quality requirements which Deepwater-Energy BV relates to her products. Those requirements are also regulated by law. Those requirements are also regulated by law. The Oryon Watermill is manufactured to last a very long time, at least 25 years. The lifetime of the generator will reach approximately 20 years, depending on the load. The estimated lifetime is based upon many years of experiences with similar constructions in similar circumstances. The inflow of  sediment will be prevented by placing the unit on a structure of one meter which raises the unit one meter above the bottom. The trash rack will prevent floating debris entering the construction. For periodic maintenance the watermills and generators can be removed easily from the water. The design is focussed on minimalization of maintenance and maintenance costs. Sustainability is the starting point for each Deepwater-Energy BV product. Deepwater-Energy BV has her own maintenance department with staff trained and experienced in this workfield.




Safety of the Oryon Watermill is guaranteed through a management system with a control unit, which reads the capacity and water pressure in the unit. It will indicate also when one of the determining values of the Oryon Watermill is not within its parameters. It will indicate when one of the determining values of the Oryon Watermill is not within its parameters. Because of this every deviation can be located and resolved. The waterunit will not be accessible to outsiders. Insurance for project and object are essential and will be discussed in detail with the client. The watermill is extremely suitable for emergency power situations at calamities. The Oryon Watermill is less vulnerable compared to gray energy plants and other clean energy installations such as windmills and solar panels.



The Oryon Watermill is an efficient 24/7 generator of durable energy, cost-effective and of simple design. It means customization- calibrated according to local circumstances and situations for which it is constructed and where an excellent price/performance is guaranteed. The Oryon Watermill is therefore a commercial viable business case. The design will cost less per KW than other green energy generators. The watermill provides low production costs, low transport costs, low cost for installing and maintenance. Because of the customization factor, prices will be submitted upon request. For every inquiery Deepwater-Energy BV will mention a fixed price. The purchase consist of a complete installation including placement. The aim is to form a transparent, ‘one stop shop’-structure, where the clients of Deepwater-Energy BV know what can expected financially from the moment of their initial inquiry. 

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